Adtower Digital Media


Over the last number of years, Adtower Digital Media, has been heavily investing in signage technology. This investment ensures brand owners and retail partners the very best ROI on their digital campaigns.


Adtower Digital Media only use high-bright screens to make sure the content is always seen. Purpose built screens for digital signage means that they are always on and have a very small failure rate compared to others in the market.

Digital Signage Content Management Systems.

This means we schedule dynamic and regular content in real time, allowing better flexibility and adaptations with campaigns. 

Remote Viewing Software

We can sign-in to every single one of our sites to get real eyes on to make any verification or carry out updates.


Audience Measurement

Each screen is fitted with ADAMAudienceAndInsights. This measures viewers in real time through a data sensor fitted above the screen. 100% of the sites have this and no other media owner in Ireland can say that. More information can be found about data analytics and insights here.

Advanced Mapping Capabilities

View all the Adtower Digital Media sites on a map and pick out sites to create a geo-fenced campaign. We plan campaigns based on areas, brands, demographics and buying habits. More information can be found here.

Dynamic Campaigns

A wide range of dynamic content is available including:
HTML5 content
Weather feeds
Traffic feeds
Social media integration
Gender recognition 

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