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Off_Trade Digitower is a new product offering that brands can use to communicate with an adult audience within the premium environment of SuperValu Off_Trade.

The Off_Trade  digital screens are located at prominent positions in high-dwell time areas, allowing brands the perfect opportunity to communicate with consumers during the decision making process.

Benefiting from ADAMtechnology, the new network offers flexible and dynamic scheduling as well as
analytic reporting for post campaign analysis.

This allows brands to be creative and impactful within this unique environment. 


Why Use Off_Trade?

National Network of Off_Trade Digitower at 50 locations nationally with our retail partner Musgrave Group.

Premium strategic locations, all units are at strategic locations within the Off-Trade environment and are fully compliant with the current Public Health (Alcohol) Act, allowing brands to communicate with consumers during the decision making process 

Dynamic and Flexible Buying, There are a number of different buying options including cost per play (CPP) & OOH-cycles. Run day-part advertising, or trigger content based on current weather conditions, allowing campaigns to maximise the dynamic capabilities of the Network.

Accountability, Adtower Digital Media use Broadsign CMS which gives clients full accountability on uploads, served impressions / plays within a 60 second loop, and unlimited content scheduling at no additional cost.

Audience Data, Each unit is uniquely equipped with ADAMaudienceAndInsights , giving clients audience impression data, age, gender demographics and dwell & attention time. This information relates specifically to each individual campaign. 

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