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100% of the Digital advertising screens have been integrated with a visual sensor which gathers anonymous, live audience data, which can then be exported as client specific campaign performance reports .

ADAM can acheive this by using software to scan the area in front of the screen for faces pointed towards it. This is done at a 69-degree field of view and 6.8 metre range which forms the "viewability zone". The software then communicates the gathered face data to the ad serving platform which then verifies it. This means that ADAM only reports impressions that are advertisement specific. ADAM is more transparent and provides more fidelity in our reporting than anyone else.


ADAM delivers reports on demographics on 350+ quality locations across Ireland providing more insights and increased audience engagement/value than any other network in Ireland.

It details a breakdown of campaign demographics  so specific campaign viewers can be further analyzed – This is done in the following segments: Child/Young Adult/ Adult Senior, as well as male and female percentage breakdown.


ADAM also provides insights into campaign attention and dwell times, allowing clients to see how their assets performed against previous campaigns.

It reports the number of audience impressions relating specifically to each and every individual campaign, based on live audience data.

It is standard procedure to deliver a comprehensive metrics report (post campaign analysis) PCA as part of every campaign which is played on ADAM.

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While the data collected provides accurate demographic information, it protects the anonymity of individuals as the software does not use unique face recognition.

It undertakes face detection, which is a branch of Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) class of application, therefore maintaining compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Commissioner.

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