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A full suite of tools to get the most from your campaigns

Retail Proximity like no other

Digitowers are full-motion digital advertising units strategically located internally in a combination of strong customer frequency convenience stores with our partners BWG Group and Musgrave Group. Digitowers enable brands to communicate directly to the consumer at the “point of decision” during their in-store journey.  

The Premium Forecourt Network

DigiXtower are external advertising units locations at convenience-forecourts connecting with motorists on their daily commutes. Using bright high-definition screens on forecourts, brands can communicate with an audience in all weather conditions. 

Delivering premium audiences for campaigns

A national network of full-motion digital units. This digital network allows brands to connect with the premium supermarket audience on a national scale in some of the busiest stores in Ireland.

Strategic locations at the point of decision. 

Take advantage of the targeting and flexibility of our off-trade network in premium locations nationwide. This new concept allows alcohol suppliers the ability to connect with customers within a high-dwell time environment.

ADAM Technology

Best in class solutions for every campaign. Make it resonate.

ADAM Audience & Insights

Access to relevant & engaged audiences. Proof of performance and post campaign analysis.  

ADAM Creative

Creation & guidance for your digital out of home campaign using our proprietary data and dynamic solutions.

ADAM Brand Activations

Get your brand out there with screens that can't be ignored.



With over 350 screens in Adtower Digital Media's inventory, only the best technology can keep it running smoothly. Every day Adam Technology facilitates the play back of over 1 million advertisements to engaged audiences all over Ireland.

What we use:

- Full motion digital high bright screens
- Cloud based content management systems
- Remote viewing software for every screen
- Advanced analytics and playback auditing
- Enabled for Programmatic advertising

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ADAM delivers verified live audience measurement data reports on demographics in 350+ quality locations across Ireland, delivering more insights and increased audience engagement/value.

What we provide:

- Insights into campaign attention & dwell times
- Breakdown of campaign demographics
- audience impressions using  live audience data
- Post Campaign Analysis reports (PCA) for every campaign

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Book a campaign and connect with the right audience

Brand Activation is the art of driving consumer action though brand interaction and experiences.

Adtower Digital Media’s brand activation is data driven activation allows brand owners to be more precise in their actions, measure results more effectively, maximise their returns or achieve increased brand awareness and understanding of their brand.

Adtower offers brand activation both ATL (above the line) though advertising agencies and outdoor media specialists as well as dealing directly with brands BTL (below the line).

Please contact and we can begin creating a bespoke campaign to fit your brand’s needs. 



ADAM and Adtower Digital Media hosts a wide variety of creative executions. We can give advice on how to get the most from your campaign with us and help your creative assets go the extra distance.

What we can do:

- Copy rotation
- Dynamic triggering
- HTML5 assets
- A/B Testing

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