Adtower Digital Media's data system, ADAM (Anonymous Data Analytics Metric) relies on Quividi’s computer-vision solution to measure the audience & attention of its screens and campaigns.

Quividi is an Anonymous Facial Detection Solution, not a Facial Recognition Solution.

Quividi’s solution is designed to provide insightful data by means of fully anonymous measurements.

It employs advanced facial detection software, not facial recognition technologies.

The solution does not have the ability to recognize an individual, either in absolute terms (full identity) or in terms of repeated exposures (e.g. recognizing that someone was at a sequence of different locations, or visited a same location twice).

The software can only determine if some anonymous individual is looking at a given interest point, for how long, estimate their basic demographic characteristics such as gender and age, and mood.

While Quividi strives to improve the range of attributes that it can use to qualify an audience, it will never produce uniquely identifiable data.

Think of Quividi’s solution as a “smart turnstile”.

Quividi fully respects people’s privacy

Quividi’s solution never stores any face images or collect any biometric identifiers and personal data.

It only collects the anonymous “metadata” that describes the size and the demographics of an audience.

As soon as the video processing solution processes an image, the image is immediately ‘forgotten’ by the software.

Quividi matches the highest Global Privacy Standards

Quividi’s solution has been fully audited by France’s data protection agency - CNIL - and is compliant with the highest global privacy standards (GDPR, Privacy Shield…).

For more information on Quividi and Privacy, consult